Jaipur: The 2nd chapter of the #BerokZindagi campaign, launches multi-media awareness campaign “Asthmakeliye inhalers hainsahi -#InhalersHainSahi” today. The new campaign #InhalersHainSahi focuses on generating awareness and education about asthma besides its appropriate line of treatment with inhalers and continues to inspire patients to live a barrier-free life. The campaign aims to eliminate the stigma around inhalation therapy and make it more socially acceptable by addressing key issues & myths around therapy. This will also helpto foster further dialogue between parents and their physicians and highlight that inhalers are suitable for children andfor all levels of severity inhalers are not addictive and show better results than oral solutions.

The reasons for the prevalence of asthma in Jaipur include amongst others air pollution attributed to the increase in air particulate matters, pollen, smoking, food habit, nutritional deficiency, hereditary predisposition and large ignorance amongst parents. The percentage and volume of lung diseases, especially asthma have gone up in Jaipur especially in Jaipur. Despite the increasing prevalence, asthma remains one of India’s poorly-controlled diseases.

Dr Virendra Singh, President, Rajasthan Hospital and Director, Asthma Bhavan, Jaipur commented “Inhaler is very important, and it can be measured by the fact 16% of mild asthma patients are at risk for a near-fatal attack. 30 – 37% of adult asthma patients presenting a severe attack of asthmahad mild asthma and 15 – 20% of adult patients dying with asthma had mild asthma. This is altogether serious enough not to be neglected. Many pieces of research show that children and adults do not adhere well to regular treatment in mild asthma – just 30 % adhere regularly in real-life. Therefore, real-life scenarios suggest that most patients anyways take their inhaler only when required.” 

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Virendra Singh, President, Rajasthan Hospital and Director, Asthma Bhavan, Jaipur further commented, “People should not hide about the fact that they have asthma and it is very crucial to get asthma treated as early as possible with correct medication i.e. inhalation therapy. Timely diagnosis and the right treatment combined with simple lifestyle modifications can help in managing asthma better. Asthma is always easier to control when diagnosed early & with right treatment plan.”

Mr. Shaik Barak Tulla, Vice President, Cipla commented, “The first leg of #BerokZindagi was very well received and saw a 14% increase in people’s awareness and acceptance levels for inhalation therapy1. This campaign intends to continue inspiring millions across India. While positive shifts testify the success, there is much to be done still for people suffering from asthma. These are people unable to live the life they deserve because of misinformation and stigma leading to non-acceptance of the disease and avoidance of inhaler use in public. Hence, we shall continue our work through #InhalersHainSahi.”

It is very significant to change the perception of Asthma and Inhalation Therapy. While inhalation treatment can play a crucial role in reducing the impact of asthma on people’s lives, compliance is crucial. We need patients to adopt the treatment as they are prescribed to get the full benefit. Inhalation therapy works to control asthma by preventing & relieving symptoms and reducing flare-ups, however it will work if patients work in partnership with their physicians and adhere to the prescription. Expanding one’s knowledge on this condition is vital as patients stop using Inhalation therapy mid-way which makes it difficult to control the disease.